A $10-Million #STEM Job

codeHere at ERCA, we regularly talk about the importance of STEM (science-technology-engineering-math) skills for a successful future. So what if STEM literacy could help you secure a job paying $10 million a year?

Over at Glass Door, Amy Elisa Jackson recently wrote on the growing job market for those designing self-driving cars. As Jackson reported:

Ex-Google genius Sebastian Thrun, the man dubbed by some as the “father of self-driving cars” says that because of the high demand and low numbers of engineers with the skills, “The going rate for talent these days is $10 million.”

The co-founder and CEO of online higher ed startup Udacity tells Recode, “it’s a very simple instance of a law that is fundamentally true: Technology is moving so fast, that by definition when something becomes hot, the skill set doesn’t exist.”

While such a position may be a dream job for many, it speaks to the importance of STEM skills for all. Over the past two decades, the demand for those with strong STEM backgrounds has grown significantly. Today’s students looking for the careers of tomorrow need to develop skill sets for jobs that just haven’t been created yet.

With a strong collection of both 21st century and STEM skills, today’s learners can be ready for what is to come tomorrow, including that $10-million-a-year job.

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