American High School Graduates: An Upward Trend

graph_orangeFor years, educators have worked hard to boost high school graduation rates and ensure more students have access to the postsecondary and career pathways needed for success. Great teachers have been essential to this effort, as they inspire their students to pursue a new range of opportunities.

We also know that policymakers at all levels are important to this effort as well. Last month, President Barack Obama celebrated a strong upward tick in the number of students graduating from high school each year. As part of its GradNation effort, America’s Promise Alliance recently spotlighted the work happening in 16 states to improve grad rates.

The Educational Research Center of America is proud to partner with America’s Promise, and it salutes America’s Promise and all of its hard work to boost graduation rates and ensure that more students have access to meaningful career pathways.

Improving access to college and career opportunities is a shared responsibility requiring real collaboration among educators, school administrators, policymakers, families, the business community, not-for-profit organizations, and many others. ERCA salutes all of those who are having such a meaningful impact, inspiring today’s students toward tomorrow’s successes.

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