Back-to-School Math

Back-to-SchoolWith the 2015-16 school year in full swing, it can be easy to underestimate the true impact public education has on a family, on a community, and on the nation. We often think of school just as it relates to our family or our neighborhood. But when we take a look at the larger picture, we can see just how many are affected by public education, and how important it is to understand the pathways, whether one is in pre-K, high school, or heading into postsecondary education.

The Morning Education team over at Politico crunched the Census numbers for the start of the school year, and what they found might surprise you.

Approximately $8.2 billion is spent in August at family clothing stores, largely assumed for back-to-school clothes for students.

There are 78 million children and adults enrolled in school.

Three-quarters, 75 percent, of 3- to 6-year olds are enrolled in school.

A quarter, 25 percent, of K-12 students today have at least one foreign-born parent.

And for those who ultimately earn a bachelor’s degree or higher, the average earnings for a full-time worker with a college degree is now $82,720.

While the statistics may continue to change, though, there are some facts that remain constant. We know that a postsecondary credential is essential for success in today’s economy. We know that students continue to look for careers that will also be potentially fulfilling. And we know that many of the jobs or career fields of the future haven’t been thought up yet.

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