Be Prepared…for College

Indian girl youth2 resizedAs a community, we are very quick to declare that a student needs X or Y to ensure college readiness. We look at courses taken in high school, literacy and numeracy skills, and other such metrics as the sure sign that one is ready to succeed in postsecondary education.

But as the Hechinger Report recently reported, despite all of the data currently collected, we still don’t know whether those attending college are truly prepared to succeed there and earn a degree.

As Sarah Butrymowicz recently reported for Hechinger:

And the criteria can change at any time, as many colleges and universities try to revamp remediation classes as a way to graduate more students more efficiently. At the same time, K-12 education systems across the country are focusing more than ever on producing “college-ready” students.

But without better data, it’s hard to tell whether any of this is working.

“If you have nothing or little data or it’s inconsistent … how are we going to gauge whether we’re making progress?” said Mary Fulton, a senior policy analyst at the Education Commission of the States.

It is important for families to better understand if aspiring college students have been properly prepared to earn the degrees they seek. It is equally important for students to understand whether their dreams and preferences for future career paths align with what they are able to achieve in postsecondary education.

By better understanding what is both learned in high school and what future aspirations one has, we can gain a complete picture of a student’s potential for success in college and in life.

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