Career Insights from Students

As many readers know, the Educational Research Center of America is currently conducting – in partnership with a number of leading national organizations – a series of surveys designed to explore student thinking on future career paths.

These surveys include specific deep dives into subjects like STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), CTE (career and technical education), and health and science.

Responses to all three of these surveys have been terrific, and we are incredibly thankful to all of those educators across the country who are working with their students to further explore student career interests and pathways. As the window for these three surveys begins to close, we wanted to share a few observations from our 2015 research:

    1. High school students have a strong desire to pursue post-secondary education in various ways, with 98 percent of students saying they intend pursue some form of education after high school.
    2. More than four in five students (83 percent) feel that their CTE studies have helped make their career path clearer.
    3. More than half of students (51 percent) feel their science studies will be “extremely or very important” to their future career pursuits.
    4. And 52 percent of students feel the same way about the ties between their STEM studies and future career pursuits.

We know that teachers inspire. Last year’s student research clearly demonstrates that, and we are confident that this year’s data will show the same. These points also show that work educators do is vital, both for our students and our society at large.

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