Connecting 21st Century Skills to Careers: Request Your Student Surveys Today

CP21-banner-emailYear after year, we hear a great deal about 21st century skills and the importance of said skills for student success. As we are nearly 20 percent of the way through the 21st century, what does that mean for today’s students? How does 21st century skills translate in terms of what today’s kids think their future colleges or employers are actually looking for?

This year, the Educational Research Center of America – along with the Partnership for 21st Century Learning, America’s Promise Alliance, and SkillsUSA – established the Research Consortium on Career Pathways and 21st Century Skills. As part of the Consortium’s work, this year students will be asked about their perceptions regarding 21st century skills and how they prepare kids for potential opportunities in both college and career.

Other ERCA-led research consortia in areas such as STEM (science-technology-engineering-math), CTE (career and technical education), and health/science careers have provided some interesting and insightful lessons on today’s students and how they perceive their futures. The 2016 survey on 21st century skills is likely to be just as valuable.

The success of this survey, though, depends on you. Request your surveys here, and ensure your students’ voices are heard. For this survey to be as useful as possible, we need to make sure your students are part of it.

Contact us with your questions and comments here.