Through its GradNation initiative, America’s Promise Alliance has been doing some incredibly important work focused on how to improve high school graduation rates and how to ensure every child has an opportunity to succeed, both in high school and beyond.

Earlier this fall, GradNation released an important report that all those working with middle and high school students should be sure to review. The report is Don’t Quit on Me. It provides a deep look at what young people who left school say about relationships and how those relationships could have kept them better engaged in the learning process.

As Jonathan Zaff, Ph.D., the executive director of the Center for Promise and lead author of Don’t Quit on Me shared with America’s Promise Alliance:

We know a great deal from previous research on youth development that relationships are instrumental in helping young people stay in school. But now we need to know more about how, when and why these relationships matter and what it takes to make the right support available at the right time for young people who are not graduating on time. That’s what we set out to learn.

This report follows up on last year’s Don’t Call Them Dropouts study. Both are definitely worth the read and the follow-up action.

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