Focused on a “Good Career Path”

Young girls studyingWhen discussing career pathways and what today’s students can and should do to prepare for their futures, adults can often make assumptions based on their own life experiences. Some of these can be enormously valuable, as parents and teachers impart the wisdom gained through their own pursuits. But some can also be based in the educational and career pathways of the past, and not necessarily on what is ahead for today’s learners.

Over at Fast Company, Elizabeth Segran looks at today’s Generation Z and what motivates them as they prepare for the world ahead. In the piece, Fast Company explores how this generation of learners is approaching their futures, with some insights that may surprise those educators and families who think they know best.

As one student noted:

There’s a lot of stress about finding a job after college and being able to support yourself. My friends and I are really focused on finishing up in four years and having a good career path. There’s less time for reflection because there’s that worry about whether you’re going to be able to survive in the economy if you’re not really directed.

For those looking to help Generation Z make smart decisions, it is an important article to explore.

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