Grad Rates and Data Points

GradGirl_resizedOver the past decade, we have witnessed an uptick—both nationwide and in individual states and schools—in the high school graduation rate. Through the collective efforts of educators, parents, policymakers, students, and all those who demand an educated citizenry, we are seeing more kids graduating from high school, and more graduating ready for both college and career.

As Hechinger Report recently wrote, though, we are also seeing some gaps in the data regarding high school graduation rates. Reporter Sarah Butrymowicz recently took a deep dive into available high school grad data, and found the national gains are just part of the story. States like Pennsylvania and Oklahoma don’t make state/district/school data available. Other states may suppress data if the number of graduates is below a particular threshold.

The reporting offered by Hechinger Report is an important read. As is the wealth of information offered by ERCA partner America’s Promise through its #GradNation initiative.

Yes, it is important that we all commit to improving high school graduation rates. But we also need to know where graduation numbers are increasing, where they are decreasing, and why. To do that, good data—both of the raw grad numbers and the motivators behind whether a student graduates or not—are essential.

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