Help Ensure the Student Voice Is Heard

All-four-bannersWith the school year now in full swing, many educators and families are focusing on what is ahead, both for this school year as well as for those learners who will soon be graduating from high school. An important part of that discussion is the voice of the students themselves.

ERCA is proud to be working with a range of partners to explore current student perceptions on topics such as STEM (science-technology-engineering-math) education, career and technical education, health and science careers, and 21st century skills. Response to these surveys has already been quite strong, but there is still time to ensure your students are part of this year’s findings.

All four of these surveys can be requested here. Teachers can request any or all of the four available surveys, and students are encouraged to take more than one survey, if applicable.

As we’ve learned in recent years, today’s students have very clear views on their passions, hopes, and plans for the future. Each year, these student results offer some important surprises, information that helps improve academic offerings in high school while aiding students in seeing a wider range of opportunities for the future.

Please request your surveys today before all four of these surveys close.

For any questions on the surveys or comments, please email us.