Inspiring the Next Generation of Black Engineers

AA College maleMost education discussions these days focus on the idea of “outcomes.” With so many demands put on educators, with so many expectations placed on students, with so many unknowns that face all those in the educational continuum, at the end of the day, most just want to know what to expect at the end.

Earlier this month, the National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE), an ERCA partner, addressed this question head on. In answering the question, Why NSBE?, Nicole Yates details the important role groups like NSBE play in inspiring students while focusing on our next generation workforce.

NSBE has set an audacious goal of graduating 10,000 Black engineers by 2025. To achieve that goal, Yates articulates four important goals that NSBE should embrace when focusing on career and technical education issues:

    • Expand the reach of NSBE by creating and supporting new chapters, strengthening existing chapters and enriching programming for chapters.
    • Explore new constituencies by raising awareness of NSBE in diverse communities.
    • Partner with local and national businesses to solicit guest speakers for chapter events.
    • Provide robust resources for engineers looking to obtain licenses in their field.


We applaud NSBE for taking on such an important issue and committing its resources to ensuring today’s students are charting clear career paths. Just as teachers inspire, so too do groups like NSBE.

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