Introducing GPS for Career Success

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Welcome to GPS for Career Success.

For more than 15 years, we have committed to supporting high school students and their families in exploring career options and post-secondary education. As part of that effort, we have helped connect students with higher-education institutions, gathered needed information on student interests and goals, and awarded scholarships so kids could pursue their postsecondary educational dreams.

While on this journey, we have recognized two important things. The first involves parents and their role in their children’s educations and career pursuits. Survey after survey has demonstrated how important parents are in guiding their kids. But too often, those parents don’t have access to the information and the trends they need to provide the best counsel to their kids.

The second involves teachers. Yes, we as a society have emphasized the need to have every child “college and career ready.” But too often, that emphasis has focused on a particular test or a particular pathway. We expect teachers to ensure the long-term success of our children, but we don’t necessarily provide them with the resources or the power to have the sort of impact we expect.

Today, we launch GPS for Career Success to help parents and teachers on this important journey. GPS for Career Success will serve as a bulletin board on the latest news, data, and activities for helping kids chart their futures and choose their pathways. It will also serve as a forum where families and educators can share their own experiences, ask their own questions, and learn from one another on these important issues.

ERCA looks to you, the reader, to help us shape this new forum. We want this to be as useful to you as possible. We ask for your submissions and guest posts. We seek your comments and views. And we look to you to make GPS for Career Success all that it can be.

A GPS is only useful if the person using it knows where he or she wants to get to. We look to you to provide that destination. As your partner in this journey, ERCA will do all it can to help you, your kids, and your students get to the intended destination. We invite you to email us at with your feedback/comments. We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy travels!