Investing in Career Pathways

In a recent effort, the Bridgespan Group released a series of reports looking at how donors could invest $1 billion to expand economic opportunity across the United States. One of those reports examined the impact such an investment in career pathways could have.

As EdSurge recently reported on the value of looking more closely at career pathways:

Within their billion-dollar bet about career pathways, authors recommend investing in regional intermediaries that can support proactive advising for students, work-based learning opportunities like internships and apprenticeships, the development of a curriculum that equips schools to teach soft skills in a systematic and effective way, and regional partnerships between high schools, post-secondary institutions, employers and other community partners to align curriculum and instruction with career pathways.

Each year, ERCA and its many partners see the direct impact career pathways can have on student success and educational pursuits. We couldn’t agree more with Bridgespan on the significant impact greater investment on career pathways and student passions and interests could have on the economy, the community, and our young people.

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