Needed 21st Century Skills

Young girls studyingFor decades, educators have talked about the importance of 21st century skills, seeking to focus in on the most important knowledge and abilities for today’s students to fill the jobs of tomorrow.

The World Economic Forum recently penned a piece on the skills today’s students will be required to master. Breaking them into three categories (foundational literacies, competencies, and character qualities), the WEF identified 16 central skills for today’s learners:

      1. Literacy
      2. Numeracy
      3. Scientific literacy
      4. ICT literacy
      5. Financial literacy
      6. Cultural and civic literacy
      7. Critical thinking/problem solving
      8. Creativity
      9. Communication
      10. Collaboration
      11. Curiosity
      12. Initiative
      13. Persistence/grit
      14. Adaptability
      15. Leadership
      16. Social and cultural awareness


Many of these skills are well embedded in the teaching happening in high school classrooms each and every day. So we ask … educators, what are you doing to bring these skills to your class? And parents, are you seeing your children mastering these important issues?

Send your answers to and we will feature some of the best responses on this blog in the coming weeks.