Needs for College Success

college moneyMost parents and educators have their own formulas in mind when it comes to college success. Knowing their kids, they understand what is necessary to ensure maximum effort and the greatest opportunities for learning.

But sometimes, those students need additional help. Whether from a social or academic perspective, college can be a very different experience than high school. From a financial perspective, it couldn’t be more different.

A recent survey conducted by KIPP of more than 10,000 of its college-going students explored many of the factors that contribute to college success, and many of the potential obstacles these learners may face.

Among the KIPP findings:

      • Nearly 60 percent of students worry about running out of food before they can afford to buy more;
      • 43 percent said they missed meals to pay for books, fees, and other college expenses;
      • Less than 30 percent of those college students who had jobs or internships were able to find ones that were related to their career goals;
      • More than 40 percent of students who were working couldn’t find work-study jobs even though they were eligible to receive them; and
      • Nearly 25 percent send money back home to support their families.

While the survey was focused on KIPP graduates now attending postsecondary education, the experiences of these students is not unique. For many of today’s college-goers, financial issues and family concerns remain a dominant issue. Affording college is about more than making tuition. It is an investment an entire family makes, but one the student may feel particularly acutely.

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