Parents, Is Tech On Your Back-to-School Shopping List?

Parents, Is Tech On Your Back-to-School Shopping List?

According to a recent study from SOASTA, as reported by c/net, more than 20 percent of parents intend to buy technology “gadgets” for their children as part of the back-to-school shopping push experienced this time of year.

That’s one in five parents expecting to buy a new computer, tablet, smartphone, or similar device to help with the learning process.

It was only a few years ago when school districts were banning cellphones and the like from high school campuses. Now we are seeing more and more schools adopting a “bring your own device” policy to the learning process.

We’d like to hear from you. Parents, are you buying a new piece of edtech for your child this year? If so, what?

And teachers, what is the one piece of technology you wish your students had access to and would be able to bring into your classes this year?

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