Partnering for #StudentSuccess

srf-logo_taglineFor nearly two decades, the Educational Research Center of America has been committed to motivating students to explore all of the career pathways that may be available to them. In pursuit of this commitment, ERCA has worked with a wide range of partners to better understand student perceptions of both postsecondary education and career.

Most recently, we have partnered with organizations such as SkillsUSA and the Manufacturing Institute to focus on career and technical education (CTE) opportunities. We are working with Destination Imagination, National Girls Collaborative, and National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity to look at STEM (science-technology-engineering-math) careers. And we are partners with the National Association of Biology Teachers and SkillsUSA to explore student perceptions of health and science careers.

In each of these efforts, as well as much of the other research work undertaken by ERCA, we seek a better understanding of student interests, aptitudes, and perceptions. As a result of this work, educators, families, and many others have a better sense of both what children want to do with their lives and how they might best get to their destination.

It is with this commitment, partnerships, and focus that ERCA is excited to announce a new partnership with the Student Research Foundation. The mission of this new 501(c)(3) is to serve “as the voice for young people’s career aspirations. We believe success comes from having clear goals and understanding for achieving those goals. By defining career pathways and helping students reach those paths, the Foundation strengthens the nation, its economy, and its citizens.”

All organizations or individuals who care about today’s students and their futures can benefit from the work the Student Research Foundation is undertaking. ERCA is proud to be a research partner of the Foundation, and looks forward to seeing its data help advance a national discussion on young people’s career aspirations. ERCA looks forward to joining the Foundations’ exciting group of partners in this work, including America’s Promise Alliance, National Society of Black Engineers, National Girls Collaborative Project, Partnership for 21st Century Learning, and The Connectory.

Take a moment to explore the Foundation’s new website at And watch for regular news and information coming from the Foundation through its Twitter feed @GPSJobSuccess.

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