Rediscovering Apprenticeships

toolboxWith an ever-increasing focus on how high school can prepare all students for career pathways, much of the discussion focuses on postsecondary education. But with learners rediscovering the value of career and technical education, how can schools create a stronger pipeline between CTE opportunities and jobs?

One answer to that question can be found in Minnesota, where legislators are looking at ways to enhance CTE by investing in apprenticeship programs. As State Rep. Jim Nash, the bill’s sponsor, recently told the Minnesota Post:

We put a lot of focus on creating opportunities for students to go to a 4-year college and to pursue a great career that way. We have been a country, for years, that has been very much built by hard work, people using their hands. And I think we’ve deemphasized that to the point where we have to do something like this to reinvigorate it.

And local school districts are agreeing, embracing the idea as a way to emphasize the trades in the state while strengthening the economy.

Whether choosing a four-year college, a career certificate at a community college, an apprenticeship, or some combination, we need to continue to look for ways to show all learners the possible careers before them and the various paths to help get them there. Apprenticeships are just another tool in the toolbox for educators as they help their students see the worlds available to them.

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