Seeking Scholarships?

books_scholarshipAs today’s high school seniors begin thinking of their postsecondary futures, paying for college is often one of the top considerations. And as college costs continue to rise, it is an issue that becomes more and more important to families looking for the right futures for their kids.

That is one of the reasons why the Educational Research Center of America offers its scholarship program each year, to provide just a little help to those students pursuing postsecondary educations.

And it is why we are always eager to share additional scholarship resources with the many teachers, guidance counselors, school administrators, parents, and students who ask us for additional information on how to pay for college and what scholarships may be out there.

One tremendous resource is the National Scholarship Providers Association. On the NSPA website, they provide a “one-stop shop” for a wide range of financial assistance available to those seeking a postsecondary education.

Be sure to visit NSPA. It may be just as important, if not more so, than the campus visits many families will be making this year.

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