Showcasing #TeachersInspire

TeacherWe all recognize how important teachers are to the success and well being of our children and our community. Research study after research study documents the incredible impact a great teacher can have on student learning and achievement.

But student success is about far more than just a test score or a single quantitative measure. Educators play a similarly important role ensuring that students are finding the pathways to the future that best align to their interests, abilities, and possibilities. A good teacher can truly inspire a student to find her calling, helping align aptitudes and passions with career paths.

As part of its commitment to spotlight the invaluable role educators play inspiring their students, ERCA has committed to highlighting the stories of those teachers who inspire each and every day they are in the classroom. On our Twitter feed, we regularly share inspirational stories. And we want to use this blog site to amplify the discussion even further.

Send us your stories! The tales of how an educator inspired you to do what you love. A story of how you have worked with a student or an entire class to unearth interests and passions. A narrative of what #TeachersInspire means to you and how it has impacted your school, your community, or your life. Share your stories! Send your videos! Offer your photos!

Under the #TeachersInspire banner, ERCA will share those stories (with your consent, of course) so they can be an inspiration to others involved in the learning process. And we will make sure our partners and our social media networks all see the terrific work being done by educators and truly understand what #TeachersInspire means.

We all know that teachers inspire, and they do so every day. As a community, let’s show it. Please share your stories with us, and we will help amplify your voice so others can learn from your experiences. Write us at