CalkboardTypically, the education community chooses to use May as its moment to celebrate all of those who lead our classrooms and teach our children. Across the nation, we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day, with many organizations and communities honoring the entire week or even month to recognize hard-working teachers.

Such appreciation should be shown each and every day, though. Teachers are shaping the futures of our children. They are educating young learners and putting them on the paths to success. They are filling the gaps that families and the communities may not be able to address completely. They are taking on more and more roles in the lives of today’s young people, and they do so with incredible strength and success.

Put more simply, teachers inspire. They inspire the children they teach, the parents they interact with, and their fellow educators. And we don’t recognize that inspiration nearly enough.

Throughout the year, the Educational Research Center of America is committed to recognizing the role of teachers in the teaching, learning, and inspiration departments. We look to you to offer examples of how a teacher has inspired you, stories that we can then share with others through this blog and through other venues.

Teachers are powerful forces in all of our lives. Join with us in better telling how a teacher has inspired you. Send your stories to and you might be featured right here on this blog.

#TeachersInspire. Let’s make sure they know we recognize all they do.