Thank a Teacher This Teacher Appreciation Week

TeacherWe can all point to that one teacher who made a difference in our lives. The elementary school teacher who believed in us. The middle school teacher who taught us the value of hard work or perseverance. The high school teacher who directed us toward our life’s passion. Each of these educators helped transform us into the productive, well-meaning adults we are today.

These are the teachers who inspired us. This National Teacher Appreciation Week, it is important that we remember those educators. At ERCA, we seek to recognize the work of these teachers through our #teachersinspire efforts, reminding all of us of the important role these teacher do play.

This week, we ask that we all take a moment to recognize those teachers who have inspired us. Whether through a quick email or note, a call, or even a post on a Facebook page, reach out to those teachers who have made a difference in your life. Thank them for their commitment and for believing in you.

Yes, we should appreciate our teachers every week of the year, not just during the first week of May. We show that appreciation in how we treat our teachers and how we respect the teaching profession as a whole. This National Teacher Appreciation Week, thank a teacher. Show those educators who believed in you and now believe in your kids that teachers do inspire.

Write us at with your stories on how a teacher inspired you or your children.