The Best Jobs in America

Career paths today are vastly different than they were just a generation ago. Many of the “hot” jobs available to those graduating from high school or postsecondary education now weren’t even on the radars of the parents of today’s graduates.

Glassdoor recently published its list of the 25 Best Jobs in America for 2016. Looking at factors such as the number of job openings, salary, and career opportunities, Glassdoor identified those careers on a strong upward trend.

Some of these jobs might surprise you. Just look at the top 10:

      1. Data scientist
      2. Tax manager
      3. Solutions architect
      4. Engagement manager
      5. Mobile developer
      6. HR manager
      7. Physician assistant
      8. Product manager
      9. Software engineer
      10. Audit manager


Parents may not thing their children aspire to be the next great data scientist or mobile developer, but based on the data, these are just a taste of some of the career pathways students should better understand. By gaining a keen view on the skills, knowledge, and preparation needed for the careers identified by Glassdoor, a new generation of students can be inspired to obtain and succeed in the leading careers of tomorrow.

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