The Best States for Being a Teacher

TeacherWith so much talk lately about teacher shortages and the growing challenges of being an educator today, one can see why many of today’s young people do not consider teaching as a long-term career option.

Organizations like Educators Rising have taken major steps in recent years toward helping students see career pathways in teaching. Focusing on the importance of the job and the impact an exemplary educator can have on so many, these groups are helping build a strong pipeline of prospective teachers.

WalletHub recently completed an analysis of those states that are “best for teachers.” Looking at factors like salaries, competition for jobs, student-to-teacher ratios, per-pupil spending, and school system ratings, it ranked each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The top five states to be a teacher? At number five is Wyoming. Number four is Minnesota. Three is Illinois. Second place is Massachusetts. The top state for being a teacher, as determined by WalletHub, is New Jersey.

Choosing a teaching career is a very personal decision, particularly when deciding where one should teach. These latest rankings provide some interesting data for students to consider.

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