The Importance of Career and Technical Education

CTE-banner-emailThe current focus on “college and career ready” can lead some to give short shrift to career and technical education. But a recent report from the Manufacturing Institute, SkillsUSA, and the Educational Research Center of America clearly highlights the central role CTE plays in developing our “next generation workforce.”

Attracting the Next Generation Workforce: The Role of Career and Technical Education provides some incredibly useful data on student perceptions of the value of CTE preparation and its influence on career choices. It also identifies the characteristics of experiences that impact student career choices. It underscores the involvement in career and technical student organizations.

ERCA is proud to be one of the three organizations behind this important study As the three groups noted, “the purpose of the survey is to inspire dialogue between parents, educators, counselors and students, with the goal of better aligning programs and services with students’ needs and preparing them for careers ahead.”

There is a wealth of opportunity ahead for today’s high school students. It is important for them to understand all of the opportunities possible, including those available through a CTE path. Attracting the Next Generation Workforce contributes to this important discussion, and ERCA encourages all those working with high-school age students to give it a read to get a better sense of student interests and dreams.

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