The Importance of Where One Teaches

TeachersWe all know that #teachersinspire. Similarly, we realize how important it can be to have truly excellent teachers in the most challenging of schools and classrooms.

These days, though, we are regularly hearing about educators who are leaving the profession because of poor pay and tough working conditions.

Over at WalletHub, researchers recently crunched data from the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics to better understand where the best and worst states are to be a teacher. Culling through the data, they focused their exploration on “job opportunity and competition” and “academic and work environment.”

According to the data, the best overall state to be a teacher is Massachusetts, followed by Virginia, Minnesota, Wyoming, and New Jersey.

Pennsylvania was the top state when it came to “job opportunity and competition.” Vermont came in the top spot for “academic and work environment.”

The most challenging state was West Virginia, which also was ranked last when it comes to “job opportunity and competition.” Arizona was at the bottom of the list for “academic and work environment.”

Educators, how did your state rank in the WalletHub analysis? Does it seem fair? Let us know how these current breakdowns reflect what you are experiencing in the classroom.

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