The Myths of College Financial Aid

One of the greatest obstacles to young people pursuing postsecondary education is the cost. College is a significant investment, and for many families, navigating the world of financial aid can be incredibly challenging.

Recently, our friends at America’s Promise Alliance explored three of the most significant myths when it comes to financial aid, beliefs that often keep students from pursuing aid all together.

Noting that only 45 percent of high school seniors actually complete the FAFSA (a necessary step to gaining financial aid for college), America’s promise highlighted three key misperceptions:

  • Most students aren’t eligible for financial aid
  • Not enough aid is available
  • Only the students who really need the money apply

If you are a family member who has thought one or more of these thoughts, please give the America’s Promise essay a read. If you are a teacher who hears students stating that they may not go to college because they can’t afford it, please pass it along. Postsecondary education is too important for myths to derail the most capable of student.

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