The Need for Educators Includes Librarians

87562157In choosing the best college and career pathways, students often look to a multitude of educators in their work for help and guidance. For some youth, it may be a math or social studies teacher. For others, it could be a coach or a guidance counselor. And for some, it can be a librarian.

While librarians may not be the first educators we think of when it comes to future aspirations, as eSchool News recently reported, they play an essential role in shaping the learning and skill development of today’s students.

As eSchool News noted:

The answers to [student] questions have never been more than a click of a button away. In this brave new world of technological innovation and free-flowing information, librarians are now tasked with teaching these digital natives how to navigate these waters with discernment, while still taking full advantage of the opportunities these tools afford them.

In our digital, information economy, librarians are an important link between student learning in the classroom and life pursuits beyond the school walls. A future-focused school librarian can help learners better understand what is available to them, serving as a guide in the process of career planning.

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