To Succeed in College

Grad girlWe all know that there are very real facts that can prevent an individual from earning a college degree. From prohibitive costs to geographic barriers, there are many reasons why one will fail to earn a postsecondary degree.

But there are also several reasons that are given that simply aren’t true. Recently, America’s Promise explored some of these myths to degree attainment, including:

    • Myth 1: ACT and SAT scores are the most important predictors of success in college
    • Myth 2: For highly qualified students, starting at a two-year college provides the same opportunity to a four-year degree as starting at a four-year college
    • Myth 3: As long as a student’s grades are strong enough to graduate from high school, GPAs don’t really matter.
    • Myth 4: Students who really want to go to college will get there. If they have the will, they’ll figure out the way.
    • Myth 5: A student’s odds of graduating college will be the same at any of the colleges he or she is admitted to.


America’s Promise provides an important analysis of all five of these myths and the realities that today’s students must understand before applying to – and successfully completing – college. It’s a valuable read for every student and every parent involved in the college decision.

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