What Are Today’s Students Thinking About Tomorrow’s Health and Science Careers?

HSC-banner-email2Would you be surprised to learn that 51 percent of high school students said science classes were important to their future careers? What if you learned that more than half of today’s high school students – 54 percent – said they are considering pursuing a career in the health field? Or that 65 percent of those considering health careers are doing so because of their own personal interests, not necessarily because of the influencers in their lives?

Last year, a survey led by National Association of Biology Teachers, SkillsUSA, and the Educational Research Center of America revealed a great deal about student perceptions when it comes to health and science careers. While some of the findings may be common sense, others — including only 35 percent of male students saying they were considering careers in the health fields – are surprising.

Is the same true for this year’s health and science students? The only way to find out is to ensure your kids are taking the 2016 survey on health/science career pathways.

This year’s survey can be requested here. Be sure to have your students’ voices heard.

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