Working In a Growth Industry

DoctorAs today’s youth explore options for their futures, they are often advised that this job is a “thing of the past,” or that there will be no opportunities available in certain fields. Much of this advice, though, is based on opinion and conjecture, not on the strongest facts when it comes to the future of the American workforce.

Earlier this year, Forbes magazine took a look at the 20 fastest growing jobs in America, and the results may surprise you. The top six positions don’t require a four-year college degree. The average median pay for those jobs needing an associate’s degree is nearly $38,000. And 13 of the 20 positions are related to the healthcare industry.

What are those top six positions? They are:

6. Commercial divers

5. Home health aides

4. Physical therapist aides

3. Physical therapist assistants

2. Occupational therapy assistants

1. Wind turbine service technicians

These sorts of lists not only show how different career paths are from those today’s teachers and parents considered when they were in high school, but they also speak to how important it is to understand the interests, skills, and passions of today’s students. It’s also why ERCA and its research partners invest so much time and effort into surveying today’s high school students on their interests in STEM, health and science, and CTE careers.

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