Parents and educators of high school students can play an important role in guiding high school students towards their future education and career choices. We believe that the best way for parents and counselors to help students is to facilitate their exploration process to chart a course that fits their strengths, passions and interests.
The ERCA Student Survey taps into students’ interests and is based on the U.S. Labor Department’s Guide for Occupational Exploration as well as focusing on the major fields of study and degree categories offered by colleges and universities across the United States. The Survey helps students further their educational and career development by enabling institutions of higher learning to identify potential students. Parents and counselors may also access ERCA’s Student Survey Report and additional resources, which contains useful information about preparing for college.
Exploring career and educational options online can be fun and exciting, but safety comes first. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children developed an interactive and educational program, NetSmartz Workshop, to help teach teens, tweens, and children how to be safe on- and offline. Additionally, they’ve created Tip Sheets on how to deal with cyberbullying, sexting and social networking. To learn about child safety and prevention, visit this page.